Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Interchangeable Truck Banner

I LOVE how this turned out.  I made this interchangeable truck banner.  The pumpkins can be removed and a tree, shamrock, heart, Easter eggs etc. can be put into it.  That way it can be used year round if I want.  I can even add a cake or presents for everyone's birthdays.  Super cute and fun.  I did however, remove 2 of the trucks.  I thought it looked a little congested where it was hanging so I used 3 trucks instead of the 5 I originally started with but I didn't retake the photo.  Either way, I think you get the idea.  Now I have a couple extra trucks to put on a scrapbook page.  So much fun or maybe I will make one more and make one for a friend.  Either way, I love how it turned out.  Hope you do too.  Have a great day!  I am sharing it with the challenges below:

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