Monday, November 29, 2010

Poinsetta cards, tag, bag

I joined a cyber crop on the MTC forums a couple of weeks ago and it started yesterday. I had to create a bag/box with a poinsettia, a matching tag, and a card with two poinsettias on it. I had some left over pieces so I made an additional card just for fun and a few more tags. Here is one of my entries for the crop. I've never done a cyber crop before and so far it's been fun. This poinsetta file created by Penny was so easy to cut and assemble. I LOVE it. I also love the shimmer bazzil cardstock. I think it makes this flower look so beautiful. I think I might make even more of these to put on packages as bows this year. We'll see how much time I get. Thankfully my daughter is feeling better. She has been sick and running a fever for 11 days! She even missed Thanksgiving Dinner. Darn it! The medicine the doctor gave us hasn't been working, but thankfully she's feeling better and actually went to school today. We'll see how she feels when she gets home. If you want Penny's file, go here: Penny also has a tutorial on how to assemble this flower if you want to watch it. If you want the purse file it's free and can be found under the MTC challenge file but you have to be a member of the forums to download it. Being a member is also free. If you aren't a member, you might want to sign up as there are lots of help files posted on this forum and tutorials on how to use MTC. Here's the link for that tote file. Enjoy!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Bears Border I wanted to show you my cute little bears. Aren't they cute! I've been working on last years Christmas pages since this Christmas is fast approaching! LOL. I needed to get them scrapped before I have new ones to worry about! I have to admit, that I actually made these bears from the basic shapes in MTC patterned after the bear on Treasure Box Designs. I followed a video on the Make the Cut forums that taught us how to make a cat using the basic shapes. If you want to learn to make your own bears, here is the link to the page that has the webinars on it. You will need to select the one that says make a cat from scratch by Julie. I think he turned out really cute. I must admit though, that he is the bear that inspired me to make my purchases at Treasure Box Designs yesterday. Since, I loved all of the bears on the Treasure Box Designs site not to mention the animals, the cocoa cafe etc. and wanted several of them, I bought the sets. It was worth my time and effort to buy her set and get using them. I have several bear files already, but...... isn't he cute! I can't wait to cut the others. Well worth the purchase! LOL. My next one to cut is going to be her "fat" bear. I think he is so adorable. :-) So if you want to purchase these cute little bears, go to and have fun! If you haven't been to her site, spend a few minutes looking around. She has some really nice files! Enjoy!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Snow Stinkin Fun

Ok....I couldn't resist. After getting up at 4:00 this morning to go shopping on Black Friday, I came home and decided to "buy" myself a Christmas present. LOL. At Walmart, they had their Cricut Lite cartridges for $20.00 and I thought about buying Four Legged Friends, but as I thought about it, I decided that I wanted to buy some files from Treasure Box Designs instead. Now for those of you who know me, I rarely buy images or files because their are so many for free. However, hers are just so cute that I finally gave in. I have been pondering purchasing some of her files for a very long time and finally decided "why not." Merry Christmas to me! I love her files and bought several sets as she was having a black Friday sale herself at 55% off. At those prices, I decided it was worth my time to buy her files instead of searching for images that I could create and then spending the time to create some myself. So, I spent my money here instead of on a cartridge and I am thrilled with my purchase. If you want to check out some really cute files and don't mind paying for them, go to This cute little skunk is from her Treasure Pals set. I also bought some others including her pet shop, camping fun, bears, cocoa shop and can't remember the others now..... I also made some cute little bears that I'll have to do something with later and then post those. In the meantime, aren't these skunks cute! I created the border with a snowflake and repeated it until I had 8.5 inches of it and then attached a rectangle to the bottom, welded it, and voila, one snowflake border! I love Make the Cut for it's ease of making anything I want, when I want it. I always have the perfect embelishments because I can make anything I want when I need it without having to buy any cartridges or images unless I LOVE them all!!! Love it!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Border Layouts

I thought I would post a finished layout for you to see because I had a couple of people email me and ask me what I used the borders for. Since I still scrapbook 8.5 x 11, here is how I used these for this layout. I think it turned out cute! Hope that gives you some idea of how fun borders can be and why I've been doing so many's easy to create a border one piece at a time and then actually put them together on a page when I get a few more minutes. Easy to do with kids and interuptions.....I'd love to see what you are creating and if you do any borders too! Have fun! (If you like some of these cuts, if you scroll down on my blog, you will see the links to the ones that I know where they came frome. Enjoy!)
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Pooh Fall Border

Friends to scrap with, cute projects, all in all, a great afternoon! Love it! My friend came over today and we created a tabbed recipe book for her to complete in no time. It was fun. (Thanks Erika! Come on over again SOON and we'll do it again!) I created these cute little fall Pooh bears. I fell in love with him and his adorable hat and knew he would look great on a border with the left overs from my other fall borders plus these other cute pumpkins I found. are a couple of pictures of my pooh bears and my border that I created with them. If you want the pooh bear file, I found it here.... . If the other files belong to you, please let me know so I can give you credit.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Borders

I'm so excited, I have spent the last couple of days playing in my scrap room while it's been snowing. How fun is that! This is what I came up with, isn't it fun. And guess what, today they are doing a bloghop over at and I think I'm going to enter these into their contest that they are having. Wish me luck. I've never been in a contest before, but I think it will be fun. I have really enjoyed doing these borders lately. I've had the turtles and hedgehogs done for over a year trying to decide what to do with them. I think they are a fun twist to the normal Christmas stuff. What do you think? I can't remember who shared these ornaments, but if they are yours, please let me know so I can give you credit. As for the hedgehog, if you search my blog for animals, I listed the font that he came from. The turtle is an old cricut cartridge cut (like I said I've had then done forever!). After making the borders, I still have lots of pieces left over to put on the rest of the pages when I actually put them together. What do you think. I know it's silly, but my favorite thing on these borders are the little bows in the corners with the button in the middle. Why???? I have no idea, but I like them!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Snowman card or bag fronts.....

I was on the MTC message boards earlier today and Beanie posted some adorable cards that she made! I thought they were so super cute! I think my favorite thing was the crooked little nose on them. I asked her if she minded if I "scraplifted" her idea and she said she didn't mind at all so here are my scraplifted versions. I plan on using these on the gift bags for my neighbors/friends. I think they will love them. I know I do! Thanks Beanie! These are awesome! If you would like to see her creations, you'll have to go to her blog here: While you are there, take a peak at her blog, I love it and if you see something you like, make sure to drop her a note!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bee Cause

Tonight I wanted a quick project and so I dug through my pictures that I hadn't scrapbooked and found these flowers that my hubby picked one day for me and left them on the table with a note saying I love you. Because I love these simple expressions of love, I took out my camera to capture this sweet memory. I love you too sweetie! Anyway, I happen to have one bee left and all of these cuts done and left over from something else. Even the color paper added to the border were scraps that I didn't throw away because I liked the colors. Well, that means all I had to do was cut the borders, title, and put it together. I LOVE how this turned out. You know...some layouts come together and some just don't...I actually scrapbooked one the other night just to get it off my had been in various stages of incomplete for almost 2 years and "never" did come together. It ended up in the book with the pictures just stuck to the page with a title. Nothing fancy, but I was so tired of looking at it, I just didn't care anymore. This layout, I love how the colors came together and softly whisper to me and how all these leftover cuts just seem to go together. That's rare for me to have it look intentional when it was all scraps....but I'm glad and love it.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Print and Cut

Woohoo! I just had to try this new feature in the MTC beta version. This is my first attempt at print and cut! Who needs the Cricut Imagine???? Not me or anyone else who has this wonderful program! It's not printer is an HP and took a little tweeking, but for my first try, I'm not complaining! It wasn't too far off, but between my Cricut and the printer I had to adjust quite a little. I printed him at x=1 and y=1, but when I cut him, I had to adjust x=1.25 and y=.9375. It's late so I'll have to play some more another time with a different image and see if these numbers hold true, but for now, I'm pretty happy with the results. Interestingly, many Imagine customers aren't getting any better results with a $500 machine. Yikes. I've heard of several of them returning them because they didn't preform like they expected them too for the price. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the results! What do you think?
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