Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Piano Card

My daughter's piano teacher is so wonderful. My daughter was playing a piano solo at my son's baptism and we only had 1 weeks notice. Well, her sweet piano teacher not only helped her with her song, but scheduled free of change 2 additional lessons that week to make sure that she played her very best. Her teacher is fantastic and so sweet and talented and loves the colors black and white. Sierra loves her and I'm so thankful that we found her as she is really helping my daughter develop her talent and gain a love for music. This is really important to my husband and I as neither of us have any musical abilities, so it's wonderful to have the gift of music in our home. Anyway, I made this cute card to tell her thank you. It's from Jeanie Bean Crafts and I love it! If you'd like to check out her files, they are amazing. The link is here.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bad day...


I think this picture says it all....however....I do have to say that I feel very blessed that going 77 miles an hour on the freeway when this blowout happened, that my Mom, two kids, my niece's two kids, and I were ok. As we were leaving town to go swimming, I asked my sweet daughter to say a prayer and she prayed for our safety. Can I just say that in my life I have had so many prayers answered and once again I'm thankful for the safety and protection from a loving Heavenly Father that is mindful of each and every one of us! Today, we were blessed and protected and I'm thankful.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Bear tile


This is a tile I did for my sister's birthday. I hope she likes it!
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wall Art

I've wanted to do wall art for a long time. As a matter of fact, I have TONS of vinyl that I bought to do just that. Unfortunately, I never figured out exactly what I wanted. I know there are many of you out there like me that until you figure out "exactly" what you want, you just think and mull it over until the lightbulb clicks and it's time to make the changes. Well, I finally figured it out. When I heard this saying, I knew it was a must for me. My hubby and I were married for almost 9 years before we were blessed with our first child. During those difficult years of infertility and many miscarriages, we prayed often for the blessing of children in our home. I am still humbled and in awe that my Heavenly Father listens to each individual prayer and personally answers them. The journey was long and hard, but definately worth every tear to get here. So, you can image why this saying speaks directly to my heart......

Aren't these fonts perfect? I love the font for the words family, children, and Lord looks. It's wonderful to be able to use any font I want! How awesome is that!
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cricut to the Rescue!

My daugher and her friend were in the school talent show. They made up their own dance to a cute little song called Gummi Bear. I was really impressed with the dance they came up with. In the dance, they needed a car, so my daughter's friend and her family made this cute little car. They tried to paint it with blue finger paint, but it looked funny, so they just attached blue construction paper too it. Well, the paper kept falling off so what's a Mom to do? Why Dad and the cricut to the rescue. I asked my sweet hubby to "paint" the car with some white spray paint we had laying around and then I brought the girls over to dig through my stash of files and paper. Since their outfits were flourescent colors, they picked this cute little flower and then we named their car Gummi Bar. Anyway.....they LOVED it and the talent show was a success. I love it when my kids are involved in such fun things. When she first told me about the talent show, I told her she should play the piano because she plays so beautifully, but she wanted to do something different and I'm glad she did. It turned out adorable and she ended up playing the piano in our ward talent show so she got to do both! Anyway the girls had a blast with it and that makes for a happy Mom! :-)
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog info regarding MTC and SCAL...

I just spent a few minutes going back over my blog today and realized that most of the posts talk about SCAL and not MTC. SCAL is the program that I had before I bought MTC and even though they do the same things, MTC is SO much easier to use. A friend of mine mentioned (thanks Emily!) that she was a little confused with the SCAL, Inkscape, etc. talk. It made me spend a few minutes on my blog and see what I have written sense it was started. Then it made me REALLY grateful for MTC which makes all those difficult hours learning Inkscape and SCAL obsolete! It's amazing how far this computer technology has come in 1 1/2 years. So if you are reading my blog, please note that MTC is a new, updated wonderful easy to use program that you can create all the same things on my blog quickly and easily now! That's why I have become an affiliate for the program because of how it has changed and evolved and made everything EASY! I read how it took me 12 hours to make my first bears in Inkscape and SCAL and cringed as it would only take me a matter of minutes with the MTC software! It really is an amazing program and both SCAL and MTC can do so much more now with all the updates than they could when I first purchased SCAL. But since MTC is easier to use, I've jumped ship and use MTC all the time now as it's just easier for me and does everything I need it to do quickly and easily! It's great! So if you read this and get confused, please remember that my older posts are talking about a different program than MTC, however all the items created can still be created and used with MTC, MTC just made the whole process faster, easier, which means better! All my recent posts are created with MTC, but my older ones were done with SCAL. Hope that clears up at least some of the confusion! LOL....