Monday, May 11, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Cards

These are the cards that I made for the kids teachers and bus driver this year to say "Thanks." I think they turned out cute for some extra cuts just laying around not being used. :-)
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Scrappin out loud

Scrappin out loud is celebrating her birthday! Jump on over to her blog to win some free candy and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mickey Mouse created for SCAL's another one! I created him from a free font file. I took him into Inkscape and seperated the pieces so that I could cut all the colors at the same time. I think he turned out wonderful! There is still so much to learn in Inkscape, but I'm at least getting some of it so that I can create a couple of files. It's fun.
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See my penguin and snow title....

This is why I love SCAL. See that penquin, I created him from a picture that I found and then cut him on my cricut. I also created the snow file and LOVE that they are all connected so that I can cut the word and the shadow in one piece. Quick and easy. I hate cutting each indivual letter and then gluing each to it's shadow and then again gluing them to the page. This way, quick and easy...I also LOVE this if I could just remember which one it was......
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Another Mother's Day Card I'm having way to much fun creating Mother's Day Cards. This one I created for my special Grandma. She's one of the most amazing people I know. This year she will be 92 and is still active (we go shopping together and to the temple just about every week.) She's such a wonderful Grandma that I told my hubby I'd marry him all over again just so that I could have her! (My hubby is definately a keeper too so I think I scored! LOL.) She's the type of woman that is never too busy and always loves kids and grandkids mess and all. I'm one of the fortunate who not only have wonderful in-laws, but Grandparents too!

Anyway, this lattice card is from If you haven't been to her site, you are in for an amazing treat. She has tons of beautiful ideas and they are all amazing! I've been wanting to use one of her cards for the last few months and never have so today was the lucky day! I LOVE it and I think Grandma will too! Thanks Susan! The flowers were actually cut from leftovers from a scrapbooking page that I just had laying around so voila...scraps go to good use.
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Paper Piecing Bears - well worth the work!

I'd hit a slump so I was surfing the net looking at premade pages on ebay, when I noticed that a lot of adorable pages were being done with tear bears. I've never done tear bears, but it started me on a quest to find a bear with movable parts. Of course I couldn't find one and so this started me on a mission to learn Inkscape so I could make these using SCAL. Well, I finally created a pattern, but each piece was individual. Denise, a gal on the message board I belong too, gave me the idea of making these more of one piece so that they weren't so time consuming to assemble. I must say, these little buggers took me around 12 create, but it was a really good learning experience in Inkscape. Now I have them saved and can use them anytime. I also have a face and hands that I can use to look over photos, one with a bear standing, and I even created one shooting a basketball at a hoop. I couldn't find any fun young kid basket ball images, and so I did my son's pages using bears like this in a basketball theme. They turned out cute. All in all, those pages with these bears too me FOREVER to do, but as Denise doesn't matter how long it takes, just that I finally got them to turn out. I think they turned out way cute and thanks to some who gave me the basketball image and the hoop image, I was able to get the pages done. If I had to create all those files, I'm afraid I'd still be at it. Hopefully, it will get easier with time! LOL.

If you want to see some of Denise's amazing work....she's a pro at Inkscape and is the link to her prepared to spend hours and hours! She's done amazing things....
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Christmas Gifts....Hot Chocolate Packets

This year for family and friends, I scraplifted this idea from that I'm new to blogging, I can't remember where....but it says "You've been naughty, so here's the scoop. You're getting nothin" but snowman poop." I put these hot chocolate packets in the pouch and filled a mug with marshmellows and a candy cane and gave them to our neighbors and friends. My daughter's piano teacher LOVED it and said it was the most creative gift she'd received in a long time....I'm glad she had a sense of humor!
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Mother's Day Cards

I scraplifted this idea from here: They have the most amazing files. Mine didn't line up just right as I'm sure hers did, but I think it turned out great. They have some amazing files on this site and they are very reasonably priced. I have my mind on a few sets when I get a little extra money. Love her files and her ideas. I'm new to SCAL and so this took me forever to create....I think I'll get the original file from her so that it lines up right because I'd like to use it again...what a wonderful card to give to someone in the hospital, especially those that won't let just about anything through the door! On my file---you can't see here because I trimmed the overlap off, but if I turned it over, you'd be able to see where I goofed...hopefully Mom won't notice or care.....LOL.

Anyway, here is the card I made for Mother's Day. I made one for my Mom and one for my Mother-in-Law.... I think they turned out adorable.

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I just HAD to try this.....Hello Pop Up Card

I just had to try this! Tonight while I was visiting one of my groups, they listed a font that they had created to make pop up cards. (The link to her blog is here:
(Thanks so much for sharing this!! It was fun!)
I had seen this when I was brand new to SCAL, but tonight I just had to give this a try. This is a card I made in heard me...inkscape! The Hello Kity was created from a SCAL file, the "Happy Day" was joined in inkscape as one word" and inside the card, the monkey SVG was shared by someone else on the board...(sorry I can't remember who) and the "watermellon" was also created by me in inkscape. Anyhow, I am just tickled with how this came out and excited to be able to actually create and use these things myself. :-) What do you think?
Oh...and as for new things, this is my first time blogging also! I night of firsts....

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