Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Easter Bear Basket Card

Here's a fun little Easter card I made from KaDoodle Bug Designs cuts.  So cute.  The little bear was originally a brow bear and I just cut him in black.  He makes a cute little black bear too!  The Easter items were from a retired bunny set I got from them a few years ago too!  I like to use different animals than the traditional Easter ones sometimes.  I think this looks very Eastery without a bunny or chick! tag it color Easter Easter Spring Easter Easter AG Easter

You're Sweet Layout

I love this one!  Remember when I said I cut several of everything. Well, I needed a secret sister gift for a retreat I am going on and decided to do one of the glass ice cream containers with a bath scroungy in it so I cut a cherry to go on top.  Then I thought, wouldn't it be cute to make a title that I could use and make more cherries and put them around the gift on the bed for fun then she could make a scrapbook page with the cuts and they would serve as decorations.  Well, since I always cut 2 titles and as many of everything else as would fit on my paper, I had cherries and a title to go on a page.  They look so cute with my left over watermelon cuts!  A perfect match.  I love mixing and matching patterns!  The cherry is actually the top of an ice cream cone from Miss Kate Cuttables and the You're Sweet title is from KaDoodle Bug designs.  The watermelon came from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs and lastly the little bear is a leftover cut from either KaDoodle Bug Designs or Scrapping Bug Designs....I can't remember as I cut them a couple of years ago!  LOL.  Anyway, I love this page even if for some reason the color are off.  The bottom one is the closest.  Strange but cute anyway!

You're Sweet Ice Cream Gift

I don't know why the coloring of this is so off, get the idea.  I am headed to a scrapbooking retreat and each day we do a gift for a secret sister.  I had seen these online somewhere and decided to make one.  After making the cherry for the top, I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to make a few more and a title that would be used as decorations when I give it to her but that she could use on a scrapbook page herself?"  So, having cut extras anyway, I set out to find a title.  KaDoodle Bug designs had already created this You're Sweet title so I just welded and cut it.  The cherry's are from an ice cream cone from Miss Kate's Cuttables.  So cute.  I hope she likes it.  One day down, 3 more to go!  

Yellow Monochromatic Card

I love these flowers and leaves with this premade card base.  Simple yet nice.  These are Miss Kate Cuttable files from a fall title and fall bird set.  So cute!