Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine's Gift Treat Bags

Every year I make my hubby and kids Valentine's gifts.  The other day I realized that it's fast approaching and I hadn't made anything so I decided I'd better get busy.  I found these cute little cookies and cream hearts at the dollar store and bought them along with some exploding packets that contain a balloon that puffs up when it's hit.  I've never seen anything like that before so I had to buy those just for the novelty of them.  So I came home and made these cute little gift bags for part of their Valentine's gifts. I think they are cute!  I actually used a leftover lamb on one of them from a layout I did 2 years ago and just had it left over.  I love using a left over and having it look so cute!  That's always a bonus!  LOL. anything goes for a loved one dry embossing - lion and lamb love animals

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Bunny and Snowman Card

Well, it's been a few months since I scrap booked and to be honest, I haven't done a whole lot in the last year.  It's been nice to actually create something again.  Here's a fun little card that I made using some of my Christmas stash!  I love the little bunny and pink as a winter color.  The little bunny is from a KaDoodle Bug Designs set that has been retired.  I think she's so cute though.  One of the reasons I haven't been scrapping lately is I haven't found a "reader" that I like since google reader shut down.  I know a lot of people switched to bloglovin, but I don't like that I can't search the listings.  I like to search for the current challenges and haven't found one that will search the title AND the content.   Has anyone found a reader that you can actually do a search like that on?  Sometimes it's nice to search by a topic in a the list and I haven't found one that will do that yet.  Very sad....  If you've found one you love, please let me know.  I've tried 3 or 4 and none of them have a search function that will search the content and the title.  Sigh....  Anyway, I've missed the motivation that the challenges give me and so I tried searching the blogs I follow the hard way to see what challenges were going on.  I found several but boy, it took a long time.  Since I went to all that work, I'm entering it into these challenges!  LOL.  Please share if you've found a good reader....I'm getting desperate around here!  :-)