Monday, April 30, 2012

Grandmother's Day Easel Cards here are the cards that I made for my Grandmother's for Mother's Day.  All my Mother's Day Easel cards have been made with left over scraps from other projects.  I so love that, especially when you can't tell that they are left overs.... ha ha ha.  These roses turned out so fun!  They came from Paper Compulsions and I LOVE how they turned out.  Sanding of the edges of the paper made such a huge difference in how they look.  This was the first time I've ever sanded paper.  I know, I know....but better late than never!  I am love, love, lovin' these!  Anyway, I loved my Mother's Day Easel cards so much, I made more for my Grandma's.....just different background paper and different leaves (I ran out of left over leaves and had to cut some....)  Love them! Flowers Mother's DAy bow try a technique-sanding Mother's Day Anything goes Anything goes

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 FLower Thank You Easel Card


Well, after I got done with all my Mother's Day cards, I had a few small rose pieces left.  Not wanting them to go to waste, I made one more easel card out of the left over, left overs!  Love that!  Ha ha.  I decided to use them to make a Thank You card for my son to give to his teacher this year at the end of school.  Yikes...only like 6 weeks or so left.  How did that go by so quick?  Anyway, I like this one just as well as my other ones except for the leaves.  I ran out of my left over leaves and decided to use these left over branch/leaf things.  I don't like them as well as the leaves on the others, but they look ok.  For a bunch of left overs, they look GREAT! 3 flowers colors in the photo, ribbon and flowers Girly

Fish Bowl Card


I just had to make a "goldfish" card for my Father-in-Law for his birthday.  Every year when he asks us what we want for our birthdays or we ask him, everyone always says "nothing."  He always responds back, "If you don't give me any ideas, I'm going to give you a goldfish."  One year we got a bowl full of fishy crackers and another year we got a goldfish bowl full of Swedish fish...etc.  Well this year, my kids want to give their Grandpa a REAL goldfish.  LOL.  I can hear him grumble now!    So I decided to make him a goldfish card to hold a gift card to their favorite restaurant to go along with the kid's goldfish gift.  So if you are reading this and know my Father-in-Law .... shhhhhh.... You can ask me in a couple of weeks how this "fish" story went.  :-)  Something tells me I'm the one who is going to end up with the real goldfish and he's going to keep the card and the gift certificate!

For those who are interested....I believe this was a Treasure Box Freebie file once upon a time.  Isn't it adodrable!  It's one of those I saved thinking, how cute is this but what would I ever do with it...... just goes to show, save it if it's cute.  You'll find a use for it! :-) Colors in the egg dying picture -minus the pink...after all this is a man's card!  LOL. Something with blue water and blue card base Birthday card with sentiment

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Movie Night Layout

This was another fun layout.  I love the little bear and the popcorn.  The popcorn and bears are Treasure Box Designs files and the other movie items I picked up somewhere.   I think it turned out fun.  I've been really enjoying scrapbooking lately.  Getting lots done!  I've enjoyed using the challenges out there to get me motivated. use a pen or marker... I used a marker to write popcorn... now if I win their prize, I can get my machine to do it for me and have it look nicer! - classic movie challenge.... I did a movie night layout for those classic movies! Photo frames

Mother's Day Easel Card Rose this is more like I had in mind when I created my first aasel card.  Earlier today, I created an my first easel card for my Mom.  I liked it but decided to try something a little different.  I found another tutorial here and thought it was a lot easier than the first one and the first one wasn't hard, but why have an extra step ... right...  Today was a day of firsts for me....I made my first easel cards, I sanded paper for the first time on the roses, and I made these roses for the first time.  Success.   I really like how this one turned out!  I love the red, black, and white.  Very pretty.  I should have made one of these for my Mom with a blue rose on it.  I love how the sanded edges give such a pretty look to these roses.  Lovin it! Bows PWC203 clean and simple No stamping - I rarely stamp so this was perfect for me.... I don't have many stamps so I just type something in Word and print it out. Flowers inspiration Mother's Day Inspire us Mother's Day Use leaves April showers bring May flowers Mother's Day

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's Ride Layout 2


We took our kids on a 58 mile snowmobile ride and I took enough pictures to need 4 scrapbook pages so here is my second set.  These turned out so fun!  If you want more info on these pages and the file I used, search for Let's Ride Layout to see the first set.  It give more info there.  :-)  Things that go On the go anything goes

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Henry's Lake Layout


Last year we took a Spring vacation and went to to a cabin by Henry's Lake.  It was the end of May and it was still so cold.  Their was ice still on the lake, but that didn't stop the swans and the pelicans from swimming around.  Brrrr.....  The kids did have a great time climbing around on all the rocks and on the docks.  We even saw some big fish jumping and swimming around.  It was still a nice getaway.  Aren't they all????  LOL.
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Wedding Tile

Here is a tile I created for my friend's daughter who just got married.  If I remember correctly, this monogram font and modifications of it are found on the Make-the Cut forum.  Just search the forum for Regal font.  Some wonderful people have cleaned these up and made them "monogram" friendly.  Thanks to all those that did that!  :-)
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Painting Blues Layout

I just couldn't resist.  I won 3 file sets from Scraptastical Kreations and picked this set because we had just painted my daughter's room and I knew it would be perfect.  So.... as soon as I got this set, I had to give it a try.  I think it turned out adorable!  I love the little overalls on the bear and the cute little paint roller and cans.  How fun are those!    I can see the splats, paint cans, and brush on art layouts or splats even on water layouts, the stool and ladder on men's layouts, and the paint cans would even be adorable on a coloring eggs layout for Easter.  Such fun possibilities.  I'm always looking for additional ways to use files that I have.  This little bear would be adorable in any color of overalls for any occasion or how about the little overalls hanging on a cloths line for a "Hang in there" card.  Fun fun fun.  Anyway, I just had a few minutes today and wanted to try one of her files. Thanks so much! I love it! yellow, blue and while
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's Ride Layout noone seems to have any snowmobiling files and so I set out to make my own the other day.  I think they turned out really cute.  I love the little snowmobile and to be honest, if I do it again, I'll use it but put something else riding it.  LOL.  I've created so many bear projects lately, that I'm ready for a change.
:-) So later that same night, I got some mouse birthday cuts ready to use but....that's another post when I cut them out and use them!  Anyway, the helmet and bear head actually came from Cloud 9 Designs racing set and the little boots are from Treasure Box Designs Scouting file.  Don't they make cute snow boots?  The bear body parts were just some that I had brought in from another file and manipulated them so the bear is riding the snow machine.  The font was a free one called CK-Honey that I got once upon a time.  Anway, I love how the little snomobile turned out.  This is what I was doing one night while my hubby was watching something that I wasn't that interested in but wanted to be in the same room with him.  :-) Men Only favorite project created....because I made the snowmachine myself!  :-) Paper piecing Anything goes Anything goes lots of layers  blue green yellow black Boys and their toys boy colors

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Fun at the Fair Layout

Last weekend, I was making paper piecings for doing this layout with all my left over scraps.  I love to use my scraps for making paper piecings.  Perfect use for them.  Anyway,  I made the little sheep, horse, and cows and figured I'd find some way to use them on this layout for the pictures that I have of my family at the fair.  Well, the other day on facebook, Dawn shared this adorable layout called Fun on the Farm and I LOVED how she did her title.  So I took my piecings that I had done and made a title like hers and ended up with this.  I think it's cute how it turned out.  Thanks for the inspiration Dawn!   What a fun little banner title.  Lovin' it!  I'm going to enter it into the Getting Scrappy Challenge and the Paper Loving Gals challenge for banners too!  Love that!

Spring Bear Layout

They are having a scrap lift challenge on the Scraptasitcal Kreations facebook site and I decided to play along. I only have a couple of her freebie files, so I didn't have much to play But one of the files I do have is my absolute favorite flower cut. I love daisy's and this one is my favorite of all the hundreds of flowers that I have. So I added a bear file that I already had and her freebie flower and is my "lift" for the challenge. Wish me luck. I'd love to win some of her files to give them a try! :-)  If you'd like to see their layout, click below:!/photo.php?fbid=377208082309576&set=a.132312613465792.15458.120204111343309&type=1&theater Spring

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Freezin' Season


 I'm working on more winter pictures.  I made these little penguins awhile ago so that I could put them on some winter pages, but hadn't gotten around to it.  I finally decided to use them today.  Then I couldn't figure out what to put them with until I came across this cute little hedgehog in my files.  So....I thought I'd cut him out and then tried to think how to turn them into a winter theme.  Hence the little snowman that they are building.  LOL.  Anyway, one beautiful warm, sunny winter day, I made my hubby take me out so that we could go for a walk and I could take some pictures.  I wanted one to blow up to a 16x20 size for an empty frame that I had.  I've never attempted this before, but wanted to play with my new camera some we went.  I got some beautiful shots and the one I blew up turned out wonderful.  Lovin it!  I put another one that I took on my screen saver on my computer.  Now when Spring really comes, I'll go find some Springy pictures and do the same thing with them.  How fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beautiful Blossoms Layout

Sometimes simple is good.  I figure if I spend HOURS on every layout, I'll never be done.  This one is pretty and simple but allows me to savor these beautiful flowers.  Wonderful. Blossoms
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Gone Fishing Layout

This is another page done with Treasure Box Designs files.  The little bear is from the Beary Cute Collection and the dock and other items are from the Hooked on U set.  I like how this turned out.  I'm really enjoying getting some of my pictures scrapbooked.  I'm so behind!  I did this to scrapbook some pictures that we took at the kids fish pond last summer.  It was such a beautiful evening.  Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything but it was still a fun night. 
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Banner


I've had so much fun with banners! I made a Halloween one here and a Valentine's Day one here and decided to make a Spring one. One of the main reasons I love banners is that I can add a pop of decoration to my decor with itty bitty storage space. I don't really have too many decorations for a lot of the holidays because I don't want to store them for the rest of the year. So....banners are a cute fun way to personalize my home for the holiday without much storage space. I also bought a frame to make pages in for the different holidays, but so far have only done the fall one. I hope to get to those again soon. But for now, this Spring banner turned out cute and fun. These cutting files are from couldn't even begin to tell you where some of the images came from. LOL. These are leftover cuts from other projects but together make a really cute banner! Love it! Flowers, brights, no stamping*me-fridays-53-anything-goes.html anything goes Banner Title it Anything goes S - Spring

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beary Loved Layout

I just love these little bears! Aren't they adorable. On this layout I have 2 6x4 pictures-one of my hubby and I and one of the kids on Easter morning. They look so adorable on this layout. (Someone said it was distracting for me to put shapes on my families pictures to hide their faces, so I just left them off this time so you can see the layout without the photos on it.  I try to remember that but I'm a scrapper way before I'm a blogger!  LOL.) Anyway, isn't this a fun springy layout. One of my favorite flowers is the daisy.  I'm hoping for warmer weather soon so I couldn't resist some springy flowers to go with our Easter pictures. 
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