Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 Minute ATG Gun Holder you've all heard the saying "Necessity is the mother of all invention."'s my invention (or actually modification from someone else's design) for the day.  I have an ATG gun which I love and it never gets lost on the desk due to it's sheer size, however, it does get buried especially when your table space is as small as mine.  I googled ATG gun holders and found the fun wooden ones everyone has.  I hubby can make me that.  He's handy that way, but he's at work and I wanted something NOW.  So I kept looking.  I found a lady that had taken an old photo box and had someone convert it into an ATG gun holder for her for her two ATG guns. I'm wandering in my basement, I KNEW I had to have SOMETHING that I could use.  And look....the perfect size and weight box right on my shelf.  Perfect.  Here's what I started with...I love this box because it's a really heavy durable box, sturdy enough to hold the ATG gun.  They don't make many of those anymore. is the candle box that I started with.  Out came the candle to make way for a more important project.

Then I cut a hole it it where the nose of the gun would sit.

Found some pretty paper....and honestly, it took me longer to find the right paper than it did to make this.  After all, I have to look at this on a regular basis you know....

I scored the paper around the box using my score pal.  My 12x12 paper wasn't quite big enough, but I used the leftover pieces on the bottom and the end of the box to cover it and unless you turn it over to look at the bottom, no one will ever know. 

Perfect!   It holds it like a glove.  That means it will always have a home and it won't be as hard to find when I need it.  Not bad for $.20 worth of paper and an old Christmas gift box.  :-)  Now I just need to find some cute embelishments or ribbon or something and voila.  All done!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Layout Sketch Challenge

First off, let me just say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this layout turned out!  Some are better than others, but I really like this one.  Last night I found this really adorable ladybug freebie at Little Scraps of Heaven Designs and KNEW that I just had to make it.  So last night at 10:30, I'm cutting out little ladybugs.  Then I started playing with the pattern and created the top ladybug looking at me with the same file.  I just put the pieces on differently and it gave me another little adorable ladybug.  I LOVE them.  This is the cutest ladybug I've seen in quite a while and I think they are adorable. since I had cut these cute little ladybugs, I decided to enter their sketch challenge with them.  I don't have any of her files yet, but boy does she have some really cute ones.  LOL.  Hmmm...what holiday is coming up that I can get new files for??? Mother's Day?  Hint, hint hubby!  Anyway, they are also having a sketch challenge at the Getting Scrappy Challenge blog and so I decided to enter it into both of those challenges for sketches.  Wish me luck!  I'd really like to win and try out some more of her files.  Cute, cute, cute!  Some more challenges this fits in are lsited below.  Who knew one cute little file would start me on another scrapbooking challenge quest?  Love it when it goes into several! up in the air favorite thing - diecuts anything goes linking party anything goes Anything goes things with wings pink blue sage green white for fun
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Mother's Day Layout the challenges appear to be spring and flowers this time around so here is my layout.  I figured these pretty flowers that I was given for Mother's Day 2 years ago should get scrapbooked.  LOL.  Again, better late than never!  I'm so behind!  If I stay on top of these challenges, I may get something done yet!  
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hoppy Birthday Frog Layout


The other day someone somewhere shared a layout done with frogs that said "Hoppy Birthday."  I'd seen that saying on cards for bunnies and frogs, but it made me smile and I thought it might be a fun layout to do for my husband's birthday.  Men's pages and things aren't my specialty.  I like cutesy so.....I thought these cute little frogs would make a nice manly birthday page and still be kinda cutesy for me.  LOL.  I like how they turned out.  I love these little frogs and have had them cut for quite a while.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but....I like frogs and so I had to make them.  I still have a couple left, but I've been able to use them on a few projects here and there.  I always cut several cuts when I do something and then I just hold onto them and use them on whatever comes, layouts, etc.  That's my secret to how I put so many cute little paper piecings on each layout is because I'm pulling from my stash and just adding them to it.  Then each page can have more than one paper piecing without taking days to complete them.  Yeah!
Posted by Picasa 3 colors and dry sign that says Hoppy Birthday is dry embossed manly project use hoarded supplies - all the paper used to make this layout, I've had forever.  Also the little frogs have been cut out for over a year! boyz to men challenge shades of green - I used at least 5 shades of green layers and a stamp go green anything goes color green

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sunny Days Layout there are all these fun challenges going a on and I wanted to play. I haven't played for a while so I sat down with my little notebook to see what the challenges were.   So here is what I came up's fun to see how many challenges you can incorporate into one project.  LOL.  The best part is was that I was able to use 20 pictures on two 8.5x11 pages AND join all these challenges.  Woo Hoo!  How fun is that!  Color challenge with a sketch - there sketch was only a 1 page so I adapted it to make it two 8.5x11's by flipping it and putting them together and used the red, black, yellow and white from their photo challenge.  Not as soft as the picture, pictures were happier this way.   Go I picked pattern paper that had green in it and did a fun little turtle in gree.  I love the little turtle.  He's turtley-iffic. Luck of the Irish or go green.  Well...since I'm not a really big St. Patty's Day fan.... I again opted for the green.  :-) color challenge blue red green use green seeing spots - lady bug and turtle have spots anything goes