Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Activity Day Tile

For our activity day with the 10 and 11 year old girls, I made these "Did you think to pray?" tiles to put in their bedrooms. Hopefully it will be a good reminder to them and help them develop the habit to pray. We did these on small 6x6 tiles. I liked them so much I made another one for my son's bedroom. :-)
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SVG files and links

Holly and Vickie, this post is for you!

I figured if I put some of the links in one spot it would be easier for you to bookmark and find. I hope this helps. I would join yahoo groups (yahoogroups.com) and then join the make the cut forumn. There you can ask any questions and they have links and files that they share regularly. Some of those people are really knowledgable and can help you do anything you would like to do. Once you join, there are some help files, svg files, and links to help you find more files and how toos.


This is the Sure Cuts A Lot forumn, but they have tons of free SVG files that you can search for and download what you like. Some nice things.


this site has tutorials, free files, and files you can purchase. If you decide to purchase this software, they also gave me $20.00 worth of free files for buying the program through them. I used paypal when I purchased it and once I had the code, when I went into MTC, I just copied and pasted the code in the register box that pops up.

You can also search utube for make the cut videos. Many have been removed, but many some still remain.

She sells SCAL, but has free SVG files and font files that she's cut and tested. Good info but not one of my favorites, but.....she's partial to SCAL and doesn't list some of the positives of MTC on her blog, but her files are nice and her free fonts listings are helpful.

This lady is amazing and very helpful. If you do a search on her blog, you can find just about anything that you could want. TONS of files.

This lady offers amazing free files all the time plus sells her files in kits for really good prices if you just want to buy some already to use. Her files are amazing and she has tons of different kits you can buy.

This is the site that has the cute witch and Halloween people you liked in my scrapbook pages.
She sells her files if you are interested.

She has lists of free SVG sites and coloring book sites along with tutorials on her blog.

This is one of my favorite sites. Every Tuesday, she gives away free files and often runs sales on her other files. She has some adorable sets which only cost on sale $5.99 and you get lots of super cute designs. I

Tons of free card files on her blog



lots of cartoon characters & scout info files

This lady manages the SCALHints forum group and is an amazing artist. She has TONS of beautiful free SVG files on her blog. But beware, you'll be here a while when you stop! LOL.


tons of free files on her blog. She created her own faux lifes a beach cartridge and has many other images on her site if you just follow her blog. I think if you follow her blog, she also made a faux kitchen set like the cartridge.

I have tons more, but these ought to get you started. Don't forget to check out fonts and dingbats....and coloring pages....

here are a couple of links to start you that direction...




Remember when you are downloading fonts to NOT install them on your computer. Too many fonts on your computer will slow it down. Download them into a folder under MTC called fonts and store them there and then load them in using MTC.


She has a comparison on MTC, SCAL, and Design Studio on her blog. She also has lists of fonts that match the cricut cartridges and she uses her cricut to the full extend and does amazing reviews of different techniques that you might want to try someday. Her blog is a must for Good info not found anywhere else.

Anyway, this is getting quite long, but it will get you started. Good luck!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding Glasses

Well this time I couldn't find a plate that I liked for this wedding gift, so I decided to do etching on colored glasses. I just put their initials and their wedding date on them. I like how the etching turned out on the colored glass. :-) Pretty, don't you think?
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daddy Daughter Party Invite

This is one of those projects that gave me a great amount of stress. Not because it was difficult, but because I found out at around 2:00 p.m. that I had to come up with an idea for an invite for a Daddy Daughter Party, cut out all the pieces so that my activity day girls could put them together, print the invite information for the inside, plus get all the other stuff done for my activity day group by 4:00 p.m. Once I got off the phone at shortly after two, I was in a panick trying to decide "what" to do for a manly card. For me, the idea is always the hardest to come up with and men's cards always seem to be the worst. Since these were going to be put together by 10 year olds and because I didn't have much time to pull it all together, this is what I came up with. For a last minute effort, I don't think they turned out too bad! Nothing fancy, but not too girly and the best part fast to throw together! LOL. (I did get to use my brand new versamark stamp pad for the first time....I'm not a stamper but have loved the look of this so I finally bought one and even with a coupon it was $8.00! Yikes!....the only down side, was the girls got the brown edging ink somehow all over my brand new pad....) Sigh...oh well. Hopefully all the dad's will come to our daddy daughter party and it will be fun. Now does anyone have any good activities for a Daddy Daughter party? Games???? HELP!
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Mother's Day Cards

These were so much fun! I saw this cute little template on Connie's site and just had to give them a try. I thought they would be prefect for Mother's Day so I made one for my mom and my mother-in-law. My Mom loves sunflowers, so I did the sunflower one for her. These are pullout cards which means they don't open, the flower pulls out the top and reveals a spot for the greeting. They were fun to do except I learned a terrible lesson about SCAL2. Apparently, when you have started a project in SCAL, you can't just hit the save button (I did this throughout my project and it didn't work) at the top and have it continually save your changes. You have to go up to file and do a "save as" and replace to get it to save your changes. I lost the whole thing when SCAL froze after cutting just one of them and had to redo it. I was a tad grumpy, but in the end, I think they were fun and turned out nice. Now I think I'll try another one for my Grandma's. If you want the link for these files, it can be found here:


I actually welded two pots together at the bottom so that it folded from the bottom up. Then I welded the border onto the top of the flower pot piece making it one cut and then cut the brown piece seperate. So the actual flower pot itself is only 3 cuts. I added some ribbon, the flowers, and titles and voila. Done.

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