Friday, May 8, 2009

I just HAD to try this.....Hello Pop Up Card

I just had to try this! Tonight while I was visiting one of my groups, they listed a font that they had created to make pop up cards. (The link to her blog is here:
(Thanks so much for sharing this!! It was fun!)
I had seen this when I was brand new to SCAL, but tonight I just had to give this a try. This is a card I made in heard me...inkscape! The Hello Kity was created from a SCAL file, the "Happy Day" was joined in inkscape as one word" and inside the card, the monkey SVG was shared by someone else on the board...(sorry I can't remember who) and the "watermellon" was also created by me in inkscape. Anyhow, I am just tickled with how this came out and excited to be able to actually create and use these things myself. :-) What do you think?
Oh...and as for new things, this is my first time blogging also! I night of firsts....

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