Saturday, May 9, 2009

Paper Piecing Bears - well worth the work!

I'd hit a slump so I was surfing the net looking at premade pages on ebay, when I noticed that a lot of adorable pages were being done with tear bears. I've never done tear bears, but it started me on a quest to find a bear with movable parts. Of course I couldn't find one and so this started me on a mission to learn Inkscape so I could make these using SCAL. Well, I finally created a pattern, but each piece was individual. Denise, a gal on the message board I belong too, gave me the idea of making these more of one piece so that they weren't so time consuming to assemble. I must say, these little buggers took me around 12 create, but it was a really good learning experience in Inkscape. Now I have them saved and can use them anytime. I also have a face and hands that I can use to look over photos, one with a bear standing, and I even created one shooting a basketball at a hoop. I couldn't find any fun young kid basket ball images, and so I did my son's pages using bears like this in a basketball theme. They turned out cute. All in all, those pages with these bears too me FOREVER to do, but as Denise doesn't matter how long it takes, just that I finally got them to turn out. I think they turned out way cute and thanks to some who gave me the basketball image and the hoop image, I was able to get the pages done. If I had to create all those files, I'm afraid I'd still be at it. Hopefully, it will get easier with time! LOL.

If you want to see some of Denise's amazing work....she's a pro at Inkscape and is the link to her prepared to spend hours and hours! She's done amazing things....
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