Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cricut to the Rescue!

My daugher and her friend were in the school talent show. They made up their own dance to a cute little song called Gummi Bear. I was really impressed with the dance they came up with. In the dance, they needed a car, so my daughter's friend and her family made this cute little car. They tried to paint it with blue finger paint, but it looked funny, so they just attached blue construction paper too it. Well, the paper kept falling off so what's a Mom to do? Why Dad and the cricut to the rescue. I asked my sweet hubby to "paint" the car with some white spray paint we had laying around and then I brought the girls over to dig through my stash of files and paper. Since their outfits were flourescent colors, they picked this cute little flower and then we named their car Gummi Bar. Anyway.....they LOVED it and the talent show was a success. I love it when my kids are involved in such fun things. When she first told me about the talent show, I told her she should play the piano because she plays so beautifully, but she wanted to do something different and I'm glad she did. It turned out adorable and she ended up playing the piano in our ward talent show so she got to do both! Anyway the girls had a blast with it and that makes for a happy Mom! :-)
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