Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Train Pages

I LOVE how these turned out! I know I posted recently about the files that I bought at, but I just had to share these. She recently came out with a train set. Well, I had just bought several sets and even won a new one! who never wins, won furniture and files this year! Love it. Anyway, since I had just bought several sets, I decided not to buy any more. However, I had purchased her bear set and so I set out to make my own train and I LOVE it! Someone had shared a free train file, (sorry...not sure who) but it wasn't exactly what I wanted so I set about modifying it in MTC. I LOVE the result. Super cute, super fun, and really easy. If you notice, there are only three real colors to the train, black backing, cream wheels, snow, etc, and red train car parts. The fat bear I already had cut out, but I did cut the two side bears to on it. The stripes on the cars are actually scraps that I just added and the bow on those is a punch that I used to punch from the scraps. Anyway, I LOVE how my train turned out and I didn't have to buy any more files. I've seen these cute little trains done for all the holidays so I just may have to make another one for something else. The pieces are all big enough that paper piecing it together was fairly simple. It probably took longer to ink everything than to actually put it all together. Fun fun.
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  1. Really cute - I think I have purchased all of Dina designs a ttreasureboxdesgins :-) - I was wondering what did you use to cut out the Jingle Jangle love the look of that Font

    Congrats & Great job