Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hedgehog and turtle

Today I decided to play in both MTC and SCAL2 to see which one would be easier to convert a font to. Do you remember that cute little font that I made my monkeys out of? Well, here are two more images out of that font. I must admit that both MTC and SCAL2 did the hedgehog just fine...isn't it cute! LOL. But MTC won hands down with the turtle. His original shell had a really elaborate design and so I wanted just the outline of the shell. I never could get SCAL2 to outline it...blackout wouldn't work, shadow wouldn't work. Really it was a mess. This is the tutle image cut from SCAL2 and even though he is cute, I wanted to be able to do his shell seperately. In MTC with a little work, I actually was able to create the look I was after. So....chalk one up to MTC. I'm really leaning towards purchasing this software. I just like the clean look of it and the ease of the features. The money is what is holding me back....I just upgraded to SCAL2 and told myself that it will do what I need it to do so I've been forcing myself to watch videos on SCAL2 to learn more about it. I have learned some fun things and found that it has a vertical text feature which I didn't know existed.....that's kinda fun!

Want that font? Go check out her blog as she has lots of fun stuff including several fonts....

Hmmmm........more software or a laptop to put it all on????

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Those are SO cute!!!!!!!

  2. Oh how cute these are!!!! GREAT job!!!