Friday, January 29, 2010

Cartridge Storage

Someone asked how I transported my cartridges when I took them places. For starters, I don't use my cartridges much unless I'm hanging out at the cabin (no computer there). I have really been spoiled as I find using them tedious now. I like my computer software and for my birthday, my sweet hubby bought me a laptop for scrapping and family history so I can now take it with me on those trips. Anyway, here is how I store and travel with the cartridges I do have. I haven't bought a new cartridge in over a year and I don't forsee buying any in the future either. But, I do use the ones I have occasionally. I really like how I can keep the cartridges and the overlays and books together for easy use. This is actually a christmas ribbon container that I got for $7 or $8 dollars. A perfect fit for the cartridges and books and for those with more cartridges, you can buy more of these and "snap" them together. Anyway, just FYI!

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