Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flower Soft I couldn't stand it. I had never heard of flower soft until about a month ago. On one of the groups I belong to, they started talking about flower soft and how great it was. At first I wasn't interested because I mostly scrapbook and I didn't want it flaking off all over my albums plus it was like $6 a jar for 1 color. Well, then this group of enabling women started talking about how they made their own out of dollar store styrofoam balls. That caught my interest so next time I went to town you know I had to stop at the dollar store for some styrofoam balls. When I got home I rubbed them together over a paper plate, took an ink pad and rubbed it onto the plate with a tich of water, mixed them together and voila....homemade flower soft. Then I asked myself, "What in the heck are you going to do with that?" Well, since I made it (I even got my kids involved rubbing the styrofoam balls together) I had to make something with it. Well, it's snowing right now and wouldn't that make "cool" snow. YES it DID! LOL. Wanna see? Look close at the snow title and you can see the flower soft on it. My hubby even said it looked cool and that's saying something! LOL. So I have now added homemade flower soft to my arsenal of scrap stuff. Which I might add is piling up and my dear hubby had to add a couple more shelves to my scraproom to accomodate all my treasures! Thanks dear! I LOVE it!
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  1. Yeppers it turned out FANTASTIC girl!!!!!