Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Using my scraps....


Since we are on the topic of my conversation with my friend the other day, she also wanted to know how I found the time to scrapbook as each layout takes forever to create from scratch.  Besides cutting several piecings at one time, another trick that I try to use is to use my scraps.  I scrapbook 8.5 x 11 as you can see from the pictures.  That means that for every page that I do, I have a left over piece of 3.5 by 12 and a 1 by 8.5.  So to help use those, I try to keep all my scraps from a paper pack together and to cut borders out of the leftovers.  If you look closely at these pages, you will notice that they are all from the same paper stack and that the borders are all from the "background" of another page.  So basically, if I cut my long extra pieces into borders, then I will have them ready for another page and any leftover other pieces that I have, I can use for titles and embelishments that match the pages.  This helps use my scraps AND keep my pages color cordinated and saves time when I'm actually scrapping.  Hope this helps someone!  Have a great day!
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