Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another example of how I use extra piecings on different layouts


If you read my last post, I was commenting on how I choose to buy patterns and why.  If you want to read it, scroll down.  LOL.  This is another example of how I use extra piecings on different projects.  If you look at all these cute bunnies, you will notice that they are all from the same set used in different ways with different poses and sometimes different faces.  I used these bunnies to make a "Coloring Eggs" layout alone with a "You are Somebunny Special" and several cards.  I used a gray paper which I don't use often so I didn't have any scraps on hand and so since I always try to cut as many as possible as would fit on my paper, I had lots of bunnies hopping around my work station.  LOL.  Here's how I used them!  See how the layouts are different but that I used the same piecings?  Just FYI, the bunnies actually came from a Valentine's set and yet I didn't use them on a Valentine's Day layout at all.  I switched out the hearts and added eggs instead.  Anyway.... just another example on how to use the same pattern differently.  Enjoy!
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