Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Piano Card

My daughter's piano teacher is so wonderful. My daughter was playing a piano solo at my son's baptism and we only had 1 weeks notice. Well, her sweet piano teacher not only helped her with her song, but scheduled free of change 2 additional lessons that week to make sure that she played her very best. Her teacher is fantastic and so sweet and talented and loves the colors black and white. Sierra loves her and I'm so thankful that we found her as she is really helping my daughter develop her talent and gain a love for music. This is really important to my husband and I as neither of us have any musical abilities, so it's wonderful to have the gift of music in our home. Anyway, I made this cute card to tell her thank you. It's from Jeanie Bean Crafts and I love it! If you'd like to check out her files, they are amazing. The link is here.
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  1. wonderful card, I'm sure she must have loved it.


  2. That came out so cute!
    I think she as Michelle said that the teacher will love it.
    Congrats on the recital.