Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glass Etching Pans

See what I made my mom for Christmas! I think they turned out great. I actually did a full set of pans all with different fonts and flowers. I hope she will like them. Just in case she peeks, I won't actually show this post until after Christmas. She wanted some so that when she went to different functions her pans didn't walk away....you know....we've all lost a couple after helping with funerals or whatever. This way, they should find their way back home! LOL. If you haven't tried glass etching, you should. I do have to say though that this project took way to long. I used some of my outdoor vinyl that I had gotten from the sign company and boy was that a mistake. It cut great, went on great, etched great, but it DIDN'T come off great! It took me about an hour to SCRAPE this vinyl off after using the etching cream. Needless to say, I won't make that mistake again. I just figured since I had a lot of it that I would use it for this but.....NOPE. NEVER again so just for your info. If you are using vinyl for etching, make sure it's repositionable and not outdoor 5 year vinyl! LOL....Having done glass etching before, I KNOW that it is a lot easier than this project turned out to be! Lesson learned.....!
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  1. These are beautiful! Your mom is lucky to have such a talented daughter.

  2. I did a couple of these for a friend at work... Your's are BEAUTIFUL! Great Info on using (or NOT using) the outside vinyl for etching! LOL!