Thursday, September 3, 2009

Barrell of Monkeys...

I have wanted a file of a cute little monkey for a long time now. I think they are so cute. Unfortunately, I hadn't found a SCAL file of a monkey that I really liked and I really don't like the one on the Animal Kingdom cartridge so.... Today, however, I was playing around moving some files to make them easier to find and I found this adorable font. Within a few minutes, I was able to clean up the image in Inkscape by removing some double lines and turn this cute little monkey into a cut file. I LOVE it! He can be used for Monkeying Around, Barrell full of monkeys, zoo, hanging out, etc. I don't know what page I'm going to use them on, but...since I am over a year behind on scrappin', I'm sure I'll find a way to use them! If you look real close, you'll see that there is only 2 cuts to this monkey. I could have cut his tummy, ears, face etc and then pieced them on the background, but I decided it would be faster to only have two cuts to glue together. :-) If you want to use this adorable font yourself, go to This font has the CUTEST animals on it and by using SCAL, I got a whole "cartridge" worth of useable animals free! Gotta love it! Now if I could have used SCAL 2 to delete those lines myself and to have shadowed, I'd be in heaven, but alas I had to use SCAL 1 because the shadow feature in SCAL 2 isn't fixed yet and although SCAL 2 would create the basic shape for me, I can't fix those dreaded lines yet. Hopefully soon!
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  1. I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing! I played with it for a while, and I can't figure out how you made it only two any chance are you sharing your svg?

  2. Heidi, I love your cute little monkeys.
    I love visiting The Scrappin Cop. She is so talented and generous with all her wonderful creations, but somehow I missed this one so I am so glad you shared the link.
    Thanks so much and big hugs!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful comment you left at my blog! It's probably a little late now that you've been invaded by primates... *grin*...(great find on the font, BTW!)... but if you ever feel the need to add to the monkey family, I make my files in SVG for SCAL users as well. I usually separate them by color so they'll be easier for SVG users to work with...if you have a reason to play and try one, I'd love feedback! (I don't have a cricut/scal, so the effort only improves with input from those who do.) The ones that involve a LOT of work and that you see examples of on eBay are usually lurking for sale at That's Scrap Inc (if you saw the monkeys on eBay, you'll probably recognize them here--- ) ...and I post freebies regularly on my blog. Well...It's been kind of random lately because I now have 2 jobs outside my preferred scrapbook habit at home, but the obsession is as rabid as it always has been. *wry smile* I just have less time to frolic in paper! Thanks again for the kind words!
    XO Char (scrapbookcircus)