Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Flower Card

I went to a long lost site the other day. This is one of the first blogs that I found after purchasing my cricut. Her work always amazed me and her creations were beautiful! I even downloaded several of her patterns as I was going to purchase Cricut Design Studio which I later decided not to do because SCAL is such a better program. Anyway, she used Cricut Design Studio and so after a while, I found some amazing blogs of some people that used SCAL and so even though I kept her addy and went back every now and then, I found that I didn't visit there as often because I enjoyed the tips and tricks of those that used the software that I use with my cricut. Well a couple of days ago, I decided to pop on over and visit her blog because her work is truly wonderful. Here is the link to her blog if you want to go take a peak and grab the pattern- http://scrappedlives.nl/. And guess what! She's gotten SCAL also. LOL. On her blog was this pattern for a large flower card. I knew I just had to try it so I left her a comment and she sent me the scut file. Here is my version of the big flower card. I admit, mine didn't fold quite right on the back and I'm sure that I must not have folded my lines exactly right, but for a first try, I think it turned out fun. What do you think?

I've had a few people email me about how to fold this card so I'm adding the link to help others. http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4007342.

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  1. What a CUTE flower!!!! GREAT job!!!!!

  2. I love her blog too! I saw the cut file, but wasn't sure how it goes together. Now I'll have to have it! Thanks for posting your picture! Can share how you made the white part, is it just another flower cut smaller? Thanks!

  3. I visit her often too. I'm so glad she's started using SCAL - there are so many fun projects we all can make with it. Thanks for posting where to get the directions.



  4. Heidi, your card is gorgeous. I love it and I think it looks perfect. Thanks for sharing the link, also. She has some lovely files.
    Big Hugs!

  5. Thanks for sharing your creation with my file. I love the way it turned out to be. In case you mist it, I have tweaked the file to get better folding, so maybe you want to demand the new one again overhere: http://scrappedlives.nl/flower-card-1976.html