Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just a quick card...

This is a quick card I made using some left over scraps and one of the cuts that I cut from a copyrighted patter from Isn't it cute! I actually sent it to some friends of ours who were nice enough to allow us to come over for family home evening and ride their horses. My daughter was in heaven and I was so thankful that they allowed us to come over. At the beginning of the summer, we sat done and asked our kids "what" they wanted to do this summer. One of my daughter's requests was to go horseback riding. I knew out of all the requests, that this one was going to be the hardest to accomplish since we don't have any horses. So we decided we'd ask our friends to go up to the cabin and see if they wanted to bring the horses and we'd bring the boat. Unfortunately, they weren't able to go, but said we could come over anytime to ride. It was great. We even got my son to get on a horse after I bribed him with McDonald's. Once he finally got on, he loved it and we couldn't get him off. Mydaughter just beamed all night long. She was in heaven and the smile on her face said it all! Thank guys....we appreciate you letting us come and ride!
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