Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Old dresser converted to paper storage and drawers to home decor

 I haven't blogged for a while or really crafted that much really but let me show you a project that we did do (besides redoing an entire kitchen worth of cabinets which turned out lovely.)   We had a OLD dresser at our house that was headed to the thrift store (which I might add is where it came from originally.  It was ugly, brown, and had hideous red knobs.  A white coat of paint and cute flower knobs and it was a cute dresser in my daughters room.)  Fast forward a few years and said daughter no longer wants this type of dresser.  She wants a long one that she can put a mirror on and do her makeup at.  So ..... out with the old.  So this poor lonely dresser was sitting in the shop waiting to go to the thrift store.  In the meantime, my scrapping room needed more storage.  I looked all over including online for 12x12 paper storage and just couldn't find what I wanted at a price I was willing to spend.  Then I have a brilliant idea.  "Hubby....can you make this dresser into a type of bookcase for me?"  He looks at it and says, "It shouldn't be that hard.  So yeah....why?"  And this is the end result.  From old dresser to paper storage.  I LOVE it!  It's perfect.  Bottom shelf holds 8.5x11 paper and top two shelves hold 12x12.  Sadly, it didn't fit ALL my paper....hoarder alert possibly???   Who me?  Never.... Anyway, dear hubby is loading up the drawers to put in the garbage and I say, "Hey, don't do that, I can use those."  He looks at me like I'm from mars but leaves them in a pile outside.  A few days later, I retrieve one and my home decor project is born.  Love it!  So one old dresser has new been saved twice by me.  :-)  Lovin' it!

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