Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boy Birthday Cake

My son's favorite cake is zuchini cake without nuts. Well, it's also one of his Dad's favorite cakes but with nuts so here is the solution. One birthday cake with half nuts and half not! LOL. We had an impromptu birthday party for my son because what he wanted to do was an outdoor activity and the weather wasn't cooperating so at the last minute, we invited a couple of friends to come over for a late over to include pizza and a movie. So, if friends were coming over, we had to have cake and ice cream so I needed some decorations for his cake. Most people would pop over to the store, but we live just outside of town and a trip to the store is at least a 40 minute trip so.... what's a girl to do? I happened to have these little monsters left over from his Valentines gifts so I just cut a Happy Birthday sign and boy birthday cake decorated in his favorite He loved it and wanted to add a couple of his lego people too so there you go. Cricut to the rescue for one cute last minute cricut cake machine needed! LOL.

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