Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Crow Border

Well today in some ways has turned out to be a waste. Sigh. I called and scheduled Qwest to come and install high speed internet today between 8-12 so while I was waiting, I sat in my craft room and started to create some fall borders. When the Qwest technician never came, I called and was told he was probably just running late. So I went back to my craft room for another couple of hours. Call again and am told that I was and am schedule for install tomorrow, not today. I confirmed with the girl when placing the order 3 different times so I KNOW I didn't make a mistake. To make matters worse, now I have to stay home tomorrow and hubby and I were going to go on a date day. GRRRRR....... so many things to do and I am NOT a happy customer and I don't even HAVE service yet.

Anyway....this is what I was doing while I was waiting for the technician to arrive. I guess in that aspect, not a total waste but.....I think they turned out cute. If you love the crow files, please jump on over to
I spent a little time over there today browsing her files and she has some adorable sets. You might also want to check out her bears blowing bubbles or her girl bear with shortcake! Adorable files! The owner of this site is a very kind person and a talented artist. So jump on is the main link to her site and it gets better, she has a blog to visit also and it is FABULOUS! I became a follower. It is

I have enough parts and pieces left over to do 2 or three more but I'm just going to save those for now and see how they might work on the rest of these pages when I put them together. If you look really close, the centers of the flowers are the glue stick embelishments colored with orange ink that someone shared how to make on the scrapbooking forum...Penny was that you??? When I made these I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but since "everyone" else was doing it, I had to give it a try! LOL. Now I'm glad because they look perfect on these little flowers. And just for your info, the pumpkins were just made with the basic shapes in MTC and I actually handcut the stems while the circles were cutting. How simple but cute is that?
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  1. Heidi those are SO cute!!! *Hugs*

  2. sooo cute! Great job!

  3. OMG!!! This is PRECIOUS!!! I LOVE it!!! FANTASTIC job!!!!

  4. Wow!!!! those are adorable, Great job!!!!!

  5. came to look at print and cut . Your borders are wonderful