Monday, October 11, 2010

All Season Bear admit many of you, like me, had this bear or something like it started as a tole painting project and never finished it due to how time consuming it was to hand paint all the outfits for him???? I know I'm not the only one...admit it....I dare you! LOL. Well, about a year ago, I went to a ladies house who is an avid quilter and she had taken fabric and finished the outfits for her bear. Well, because I'm not creative on my own but I copy really well, my mind starts spinning and the thought pops into my medium of choice so I pulled out this cute little bear and all his unfinished outfits and proceeded to finally finish them. So this once forgotten and unused all year round decoration is finally being used at my house. I love how this little outfit turned out. The Christmas one is adorable too! So for those of you who may not have finished your cute little bear, use paper....I had all his outfits finished in a couple of hours. Yeah!
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  1. Heidi, Very nice and what a great way to finish your bear. So cute!