Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spider Box

Today my 7 year old son is home sick and watching TV. He sees the show advertising the cricut and asks if we can make a project he saw on TV. Since I didn't know what he saw, I brought him over to the computer to show him what we could make and he picked this spider box. He LOVES it. It's the small things in life that make us the happiest sometimes. I took an old border that I didn't really like from some swaps that I used to participate in years ago and a couple of stickers and in 10 minutes we have a somewhat decorated spider box. It's really kinda cute and didn't take long at all to put together. Unfortunately, I misjudged where it was going to cut so his legs are a little torn as the cricut ran off the paper but fortunately my 7 year old didn't notice or care! Woosh! LOL. I don't remember who shared this spider box so I can't share the link with you but I think it turned out cute! I wish you could "see" the spider on the top of the box a little better but.....
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