Sunday, November 6, 2011

Water Fight Layout

Posted by PicasaI love how this layout turned out.... you know how some just come together and some don't, well I like how this one came together. I like the bright colors, I think the little squirt guns and the bears are adorable, and even the font was fun on this one. I originally bought SCAL just for the font capabilities, but then learned all the additional things that it could do. Then when MTC hit the market I jumped on it because it had a much cleaner interface and the capabilities of it were so much better and easier to use than with SCAL. I absoulately hated all the little windows all over in drove me nuts! I've never looked back and LOVE it! This was such a fun day to celebrate a summer birthday and the kids had a ball with the bouncy house, water balloons, home-made rootbear, and squirt guns. Lovin' it!

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