Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moving Ice at Wild Rose on Henry's Lake May 2009

This was truly amazing. I loved watching the ice move. In total, the ice moved about 10 feet in the 1/2 hour I watched it. It even eventually covered the rock that I was standing on and I had to move. When I moved, this is the video I took. I have another one (the first one) that is about 10 minutes just watching and listening to the ice move. This one I think actually shows the ice moving better because Doug is standing there. Kaden actually threw a rock out on the ice and we watched it creep slowly to shore. Amazing. I also love the sound it makes...kinda like breaking glass. Maybe I'm strange, but I found it truly fascinating... I imagine this is how a glacier might move but on a smaller scale. They say it was moving because the wind was pushing the ice off the lake onto the shore, but...there wasn't any wind so???? Anyway...I have no idea why it was doing it, but the ice on the lake was about 6 inches thick. The kids kept coming back to me and wanting to know what I was doing. LOL....I was just watching the ice move while they ran around. It was one of those wonderful "Mom" days that all was right in the world. I feel very fortunate to see the Lord's hand in the beauty all around us and especially in my family. Enjoy!

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